OMNIS is a modular system for automated titration of up to 175 samples
OMNIS is a modular system for automated titration of up to 175 samples
OMNIS is a modular system for automated titration of up to 175 samples
OMNIS is a modular system for automated titration of up to 175 samples

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Walk-away automation for up to 175 samples

OMNIS is made for large sample series: the OMNIS Sample Robot L enables the fully automated analysis of 175 samples (75 mL beakers) in a single run.

Perform 4 titrations at the same time

OMNIS boosts sample throughput to new levels: the OMNIS Sample Robot continuously picks and places samples from and to a maximum of 4 work stations, performing up to 4 analyses simultaneously. These can be 4 different analyses (e.g., Ca, pH, Cl, alkalinity) or identical analyses – you decide.

Trust OMNIS to organize even complex, multi-parameter analyses most efficiently: as soon as OMNIS notices free capacity at any one of the 4 work stations, the next analysis is started.

Just a matter of seconds

OMNIS comes with a patented Liquid Adapter making the exchange of reagents only a matter of seconds. Simply snap this Liquid Adapter onto the cap of the reagent bottle to connect the reagent in the bottle to your OMNIS Titrator.

Once the Liquid Adapter and the cap on the reagent bottle have been connected, OMNIS checks the reagent, preventing user errors.

Exchange analyzed samples while your analyzer keeps working

The OMNIS Sample Racks are logged on by the OMNIS Software as you put them on the Sample Robot. You may remove racks with already analyzed samples from the Sample Robot – while your OMNIS System keeps analyzing.

Continuously exchanging racks on the Sample Robot avoids even the shortest downtime of your OMNIS System.

Dedicated work stations for specific parameters

Even when performing several different analyses simultaneously on your OMNIS System, there is no risk of confusion: simply assign particular parameters to dedicated work stations to make sure your most frequent analyses are organized in the most efficient and transparent way.

Contact-free reagent exchange

The OMNIS Liquid Adapter system makes exchanging reagents safer than ever. Bottles with hazardous liquids no longer need to be opened: simply snap this Liquid Adapter onto the cap of the reagent bottle. This closed handling system establishes a safe connection between the reagent and your OMNIS Titrator preventing accidental contact with hazardous liquids.

LEDs confirm your system’s status

LEDs on the Titrator, Liquid Adapter, Stirrer, dTrode, Sample Robot, and Pump Modules communicate any failure or issue using a straightforward color code: red indicates «system error», orange indicates «waiting to connect», and green signals «system ready to go».

This color code is the basis for fast, reliable decision making. It helps you to ensure the reliability of your operations and the quality of the results you produce.

Full traceability of your results

When the Liquid connects the reagent bottle to your OMNIS Titrator, OMNIS reads all information on the reagent from an RFID chip in the bottle cap and checks this information against the specifications of your method. This fully automated check prevents errors and provides full traceability of your results.

Exchange reagents more easily

The OMNIS Liquid Adapter enables the exchange of reagents in 3 simple steps:

  • Remove the Liquid Adapter from the empty reagent bottle
  • Open the lid of the bottle cap on the new reagent bottle
  • Snap the Liquid Adapter onto the bottle cap of the new reagent bottle

As soon as the reagent bottle and your OMNIS Titrator are connected, OMNIS identifies and checks the reagent against the specifications of the method you are going to perform.

This check prevents errors and provides full traceability of your results.

Control OMNIS from anywhere

OMNIS allows you to connect any OMNIS Instruments in a network enabling you to administrate and truly operate them from anywhere, at any time.

Same software for PC and touch control

You can command your OMNIS System either via PC or a touch control unit. Either way, you only have to familiarize yourself with the software once, as it is the same for PC and touch control operation.

The same software for PC and Touch Control enable straightforward control of OMNIS

Graphical user interface for intuitive operation

The OMNIS System on your lab bench is graphically represented on the user interface for intuitive operation. All available instruments are recognized automatically. They can then be selected by drag and drop to configure whichever system you need to analyze your samples.

The OMNIS Method Editor is also graphics-based and allows you to write your methods command by command.

Get your questions answered immediately

Got questions? OMNIS supports you with dedicated know-how. No more waste of time with searching and filtering. Tips and other helpful information are instantly displayed and are always context related.

Use your lab bench more efficiently

Turntable sample changers have their limits when it comes to capacity, flexibility, and, of course, footprint. The modular OMNIS Sample Robot replaces the turntable system with a modular x-y-system, accommodating a maximum of 7 racks.

Start out with a Sample Robot S. When you reach the limits of this system, you can simply expand to the next higher levels of automation (M and L) without having to invest in a second or even third titration stand.

Karl Fischer titration starts automatically

In the hectic pace of everyday work in the laboratory, it can happen that a user introduces a sample into the titration cell but forgets to start the titration. In this case, conditioning continues until the water in the sample has reacted with the added iodine. Recalculation is not possible, the sample is lost, and the measurement must be repeated. With OMNIS, this will never happen again: Titration starts automatically after you have added the sample.

Karl Fischer titration is safer than ever before

Karl Fischer titration with OMNIS is safe because the entire analysis takes place in a closed system. From filling the titration cells with solvent and performing the actual measurement to disposing of the sample after titration and preparing the cell for the next sample – with OMNIS, all of these steps are performed automatically.